Sunday, January 16, 2011

xmas card revisited

I know. I know. The holidays are over. Too bad...

As part of the Brooklyn Bride Xmas card exchange, I was supposed to create an original holiday card to send to five others. I started out with these from Cost Plus World Market:

The idea was to photograph J holding either a single ornament or holding all of them in her cupped hands. Or to photograph the ornaments on a bare branch against a blue sky. Or... See, I had a really definite vision.

On the day I was to create the photograph...First - J was with her dad. Second - bb suddenly reappeared, supposedly stranded and in need of a ride and place to stay. And, oh yeah, he still considered himself my "boyfriend" - whatever that meant. Third - I had a date with a seemingly great guy who turned out to be a white supremist. But, that's another story best saved for my biography which will never be written, because, frankly, who cares! And it was raining. Drama, drama, drama! The photo with J was never created.

I hadn't given up on the photo with the ducky ornaments though and I started imagining hanging them on a wire structure or laying them on ??? Again, I had a definite vision. With my "vision" in mind, I went to a local plant and gift store, The Plant Barn, brimming with treasures. I brought my camera with me to capture inspiration. I didn't find that inspiration, but I did find quite a bit of beauty.

When I came across the green peace sign, I couldn't just settle for the one photo. Yes, I carried around a big green peace sign I had not purchased, staging and photographing it around the nursery...

Every Xmas season, The Plant Barn has a magnificent poinsettia room with poinsettias (obviously), and many other gifty things.

I never found what I sought for the Xmas card photo, but I couldn't leave empty handed - especially when they let me wander around for I don't know how long taking photographs. Below are my treasures:

Oh, in case you missed it...the card I ended up sending had a posterized version of the Fire Buddha photo on it.

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