Thursday, January 6, 2011

the ride

Day before yesterday:
general ickiness - rejection as redirection.
trip with J to the pet store to investigate the possiblity of adding turtles to our menagerie.
encounter with a European Hamster left me unsettled (more on that another day).

slept in late with J.
wonderful morning playing, reading, and cuddling with her until she had to go to her dad's. Then missed her like crazy.
presented with temptation, made a moral choice I feel very good with. Little pat on the back to me.
delightful online banter (slightly racy) with a very charming - and handsome - man.
on my way into town, passed three riders on horses and a few blocks later a man on a Harley. Realized how much I miss both horses and motorcycles. Need both in my life again (not at the same time, please.)
while waiting to pick up a pizza, met Sven - a very gentle and kind man who wanted nothing more than friendly conversation. We spoke of children and aging and choices. A very pleasant conversation. A true gift of an encounter.
lovely and fun dinner with a very good friend.

slept late (how I love school vacation!)
while transferring photos from my computer's stuffed hard drive to an external hard drive, I started looking through old files and realized I have gems buried in "not enough time." I am so excited and can't wait to start unearthing the treasures. So far, have done nothing else today except look through raw photos!

Because posts are always better with pictures, below are three horsey photos that have never seen the light of day and the only motorcycle photos I could find.

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