Saturday, May 28, 2011

of Meaning AND TRUTH

Call it street art, urban poetry - this is some of the work of artist Robert Montgomery. Based in London, he posts his artwork in traditional advertising spaces. On his website, it states he "works in a poetic and melancholic post-situationist tradition." Uh, is amazing. 

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

please, please, please

Necono digital cat camera - 3 mpx and magnetic feet!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

barbie world

Love this photo...

J is five-and-a-half. So far she's not much into Barbie. She has one that she dresses up every once in a while - usually if she happens upon it. She's never sought it out. By the time I was five, I was fully into Barbie. Of course, I had a sister who was nine years older than me. She played with Barbies so, of course, I played with Barbies. I use to create whole cities for them - along the dresser in my bedroom, in the closet, across the window sills - using things I found around the house. My mother had a white candy dish in that hob knob pattern - is that what it's called? That was the center of the Candy Dish Restaurant which was the social hub of my Barbie world. It was my own Barbie soap opera!

To be honest, I am still into Barbie. A couple of years ago, when I had a few extra dollars - oh, how I wish I had it now! - I went on a Barbie shopping spree. Not the play ones - the silkstones, repaints, and vintage clothes. Ebay and I were on close terms. It was fun. The idea was to photograph the dolls and create story lines. Didn't turn out the way I envisioned. Barbie's stiff body and facial expression kept getting in the way. I still intend to create a series of photographs of the clothes. And there is one repaint whose face I love to photograph. I've posted her photo before. Here is another...

Monday, May 16, 2011

if not me, who?

A few years ago when it was the "thing" to google yourself...I did...and found my alter ego - living the life I dreamed of, serving in ways I sought to.

Rosemarie Brown of Sedona AZ - holistic social worker - offering medical astrology, soul recovery through shamanic journeying, and life coaching.

Tonight, avoiding making a mix tape I promised to do for a swap (which needs to be mailed tomorrow!), I was wandering through blogland and came upon a new-to-me blog - For Me, For You. In a post by a guest blogger was a beautiful room. The room was styled by Rosie Brown!!! Yet another alter ego, living a life I dream of, with talent and purpose I long to have.

Rosie Brown of Pittenweem in Fife, Scotland - designer, stylist, and founder of Papa Stour whose purpose is to expose and sell works of Scottish artists and designers.



The other morning as I was preparing an art lesson in collage at my daughter's kindergarten, one of the "moms" dropped off her daughter a little late. As the mom was leaving, I noticed the soles of her shoes - Louboutin red. I asked her if those were "loe-Ba-tins" - I'm such a hick. I've never actually known anyone who had a pair or heard the name. I've only seen it in print - mostly on blogs. She looked at me quizzically and then said, "Oh, you mean my "Lou-bi-tons." Love those Louboutins." I laughed out loud at myself. Then mentioned that they cost as much as two months rent for me. She said, "Oh! Don't make me feel bad." As she got into her Maserati and headed for their estate...

To be fair, this "mom" has become a good friend and is one of the nicest people you would ever meet. She is also a stunningly beautiful blonde and I envy everything about her. But in a nice way! Funny thing. The day before I was helping the kindergarten teacher with a scrapbook project and she just happened to mention that she didn't think she had seen this "mom's" daughter in the same outfit twice throughout the school year! We're a rural, agricultural community. There are a few people with money - mostly the large agricultural interests, one of which this "mom" married into. No other family in J's kindergarten or the other two classes come close to their wealth. I think most of us are at least a little envious.

I checked on-line. The shoes she was wearing probably cost between $800 and $1000. I LOVE shoes, but I don't think I could ever spend that much on something that I'm going to walk in the dirt with. Not when I could get 10 or more fabulous pairs of shoes for the price of one pair of Louboutins! Ooooh! I am green with envy!!!

Given money no object, guilt no concern, extreme pain not an issue...this is a pretty pair of Louboutins I wouldn't mind having...

only $1595 at saks

If I had that kind of money to spend on shoes (oh, to dream!), I'd really rather have something like these...

Maybe in my next lifetime money won't be such an issue...

Monday, May 2, 2011

u.s.of a.

Not sure I'm all that proud of being an American today...
When did it become okay for our government to assassinate our "enemies" instead of capturing them and putting them on trial for their offenses? When did our justice system return to the wild west days? When did vigilantiism and revenge become acts of justice?
Just asking...

Hannah & Flag

Sunday, May 1, 2011

may day

This morning when I opened the front door, these were waiting for me on the porch...

My girl spent last night with her dad and his mother. This morning, J and her grandmother went around the neighborhood delivering flowers to a select few...How I love my girl.

We finally had a warm day without wind. One of the summery things I indulged in today was watering the front lawns. J saw me and asked her dad if she could come visit. This is her doing her favorite thing on any day - playing in water...

Happy May Day!

down and out

by Kevin Bauman

A photo project of 100 abandoned houses in Detroit. Sad, sad situation. Awesome photo series.

Kind of how I'm feeling these days. Not awesome. Sad, run down, abandoned.