Thursday, January 31, 2013

7-year-old poet

J wrote me a poem today...

Blossoms remind me of you. 
The blossoms in the Winter are sweet like you. 
You are nice and the blossoms love you, too. 
You are like the blossoms, sweet and generous.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

shamefaced's been a really looooooong time...I wish I had some exciting reason to give you why I've been gone so long. I have none. My nemesis - the big old bad blues - has been weighing me down for quite some time. My usual method of dealing is to put all my energy into functioning on a daily basis and ignoring all else. I'm back. Such as I am. Hopefully on a regular basis.

Highlights of the last three (!!!) months:
I turned a year older on September 29th. Not wiser, just older.
J had an indoor swim party for her 7th birthday. It was a blast.
Thanksgiving was quiet and good and spent with my beloved J. Thankfully, J's Dad invited me to spend the holiday with them.
J's holiday dance recital just before Christmas. She was magnificent!
My brother almost lost his life due to diabetes just before Christmas. He's doing much better, but is under close supervision.
I reconnected with a very dear, very long-time friend through this blog. Love you, Toni!
Christmas was family-filled and joy-filled.
2013 is here. May we be able to meet its challenges and recognize its blessings.

After the Party