Wednesday, May 18, 2011

barbie world

Love this photo...

J is five-and-a-half. So far she's not much into Barbie. She has one that she dresses up every once in a while - usually if she happens upon it. She's never sought it out. By the time I was five, I was fully into Barbie. Of course, I had a sister who was nine years older than me. She played with Barbies so, of course, I played with Barbies. I use to create whole cities for them - along the dresser in my bedroom, in the closet, across the window sills - using things I found around the house. My mother had a white candy dish in that hob knob pattern - is that what it's called? That was the center of the Candy Dish Restaurant which was the social hub of my Barbie world. It was my own Barbie soap opera!

To be honest, I am still into Barbie. A couple of years ago, when I had a few extra dollars - oh, how I wish I had it now! - I went on a Barbie shopping spree. Not the play ones - the silkstones, repaints, and vintage clothes. Ebay and I were on close terms. It was fun. The idea was to photograph the dolls and create story lines. Didn't turn out the way I envisioned. Barbie's stiff body and facial expression kept getting in the way. I still intend to create a series of photographs of the clothes. And there is one repaint whose face I love to photograph. I've posted her photo before. Here is another...

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