Monday, May 16, 2011

if not me, who?

A few years ago when it was the "thing" to google yourself...I did...and found my alter ego - living the life I dreamed of, serving in ways I sought to.

Rosemarie Brown of Sedona AZ - holistic social worker - offering medical astrology, soul recovery through shamanic journeying, and life coaching.

Tonight, avoiding making a mix tape I promised to do for a swap (which needs to be mailed tomorrow!), I was wandering through blogland and came upon a new-to-me blog - For Me, For You. In a post by a guest blogger was a beautiful room. The room was styled by Rosie Brown!!! Yet another alter ego, living a life I dream of, with talent and purpose I long to have.

Rosie Brown of Pittenweem in Fife, Scotland - designer, stylist, and founder of Papa Stour whose purpose is to expose and sell works of Scottish artists and designers.


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