Tuesday, January 11, 2011

gandhi and the internet

I was browsing through some of my favorite blogs - searching for beauty and inspiration and mostly distraction. Came across this, which seemed very appropriate for a day such as 1/11/11.

I try to always give appropriate credit for any images or words I post that aren't my own. Trying to do so for this image resulted in quite a journey on the information highway!

Found the image on Erin Ever After, via Simple Blueprint, via Not Your Average Ordinary, via Mary Ruffle, via Abby Sharp, via Alfie, via Dream Every Day, via Josh Solar, via Bits of Love and Sunshine. Unfortunately, the link to Bits of Love and Sunshine was broken and I couldn't follow the trail anymore. Luckily, somewhere along the way, was a link to the creator: Idea-Obscura who also has made the 11x17 poster available as a pdf download! She was originally inspired by this.

It has become a very small world indeed.

Happy 1/11/11 and Happy Every Day!

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