Monday, January 10, 2011

perfectly poetic

I was wandering around the web tonight, not doing what I "should" have been doing, and came across these magnificent shoes. I am in love. I have struggled with myself all evening over whether to buy them or not.

There's a devil on one shoulder - "yes! of course! buy the shoes! they would make you sooooo happy! think of how good you'll feel when you wear them - sexy, powerful, beautiful! you have the money in your account right now!" (Apparently, my devil only makes exclamatory statements!)

And the angel on the other shoulder - "yes, dear, they are beautiful shoes. yes, you would love to have and wear them. but, dear, can we really afford them? think of how horrible you will feel when you can't feed your daughter or the cats because of a pair of shoes. and, really, dear, where will you ever wear a pair of glittery platform pumps? really, dear, no."


Perfectly Lovely Pump
in green, cherry, black, and hardwood

here and here

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