Monday, January 3, 2011

got game

Yesterday, I went to the last SF 49er game of the season. Yes. I went to a football game. Anyone who knows me would be falling over in shock at reading this. I am really not a football person. I've watched a few games on tv with other people, when I couldn't really avoid it. Can't say I enjoy it. But I was invited to the game. J was with her dad. I am always looking for things to keep me really busy while she's away. I miss her so much. I went.

I have been to Candlestick Park before - many, many, many years ago. A few times, actually. For baseball games. This was my first live football game experience. Well, professional football, anyway. I use to go to our high school games, of course. You know, dreaming of being a cheerleader. Dreaming of being popular. Doing just about anything one could to be noticed for something other than one's weight, or skin, or brains, or lack of popularity. Neither here nor there.

It was a rainy day. Poured almost the entire way from Chico to San Francisco. But in SF, miraculously, the rain stopped. From the moment we arrived in the parking lot, I was struck by the colors and the contrasts. Red and gold everywhere. The sky was a beautiful grey that cast a soft blue tint over everything. Anything of color popped. Inside the stadium, the orange seats and green field, with players in red and white and officials in black and white. The lights above the stadium glowing against the grey sky. The flags billowing in the wind Candlestick Park is famous for. I wandered around, watching people, and avoiding being run over by some who - ummm - let's say were having a very good time, marveling at $9 for a cup of beer, and taking photos with my iPhone - wishing I had brought my Nikon.

Oh, yeah. And there was a football game. Can't say I am any more a fan of football than I was before. But I am definitely a fan of the experience.

After the game, we headed down to Fisherman's Wharf for clam chowder in a bread bowl. Yummmmm! A very good day.

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