Friday, February 25, 2011

weather wise

Strange weather day - snowflakes in the early morn, sun till early afternoon, monster hail storm in the afternoon, sun again till nightfall. Exciting. Took this photo with my iPhone in the parking lot of the grocery store during the sunny part of the morning. The sky was, well, sky blue. Apparently the iPhone couldn't quite handle the contrast and gave me dark blue sky instead. Oh well.

The clouds were magnificent. I'm surprised I didn't get in an accident. I couldn't stop looking at the formations and spaces. Glorious. Noticed the heart in the sky - thank you, Universe - while loading my groceries. By the time I got my phone out of my pocket, the heart was beginning to break up. Kind of like life, I guess. Just when you're finally ready to capture love, it starts to disappear. Do I sound bitter?

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