Tuesday, January 17, 2012

spirit horse

In the lexicon of symbols, horses usually mean healing. I've always believed if horses are healers, white horses are super healers. There was a very special white horse in my life - actually she was a flea-bitten grey, but that's close enough for me. She wasn't my horse, but one of my sister's three horses. Her name was Witaka. She passed away a few years ago from malignant tumors all over her fair skin. I believe Witaka was a healer, but not so powerful a healer that she knew how to get rid of all she absorbed from the people around her and the tumors were the result. Whether I am right or wrong really doesn't matter. What matters is how lucky I was to know her and how much she brought to my life. She had a troubled life. Not in terms of being cared for, she was greatly loved and my sister is an excellent horsewoman. She just didn't seem comfortable in her horse body and horse life. I always felt a special affinity with her. Maybe because I've never felt completely comfortable in my human body or human life.

The photo of Witaka's eye began my photography career. It is the photo that first touched my soul. It was the first photo of mine that was more than just a photo. I have sold more of her photos than all others combined. Her photos are always the ones that people are first drawn to. She still speaks, still heals.

I've posted this photo before, but as far as I'm concerned it can never be seen too often. This is the photo that is the loadstone of all my photos that have come since...

Witaka Eye

Thank you, beautiful Witaka. I miss your presence. You will always live in my heart.

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