Friday, January 27, 2012


Today is the 100th day of J's school year. The whole school celebrates. The Kindergarteners and first graders create 100 day projects made up of 100 things. Last year J and I put together 100 feathers in a hand-painted styrofoam block.

This year the project had to be arranged in either twos, fives, or tens. J had the idea to display 100 photos of her - 10 as a newborn, 10 as a toddler, etc. Good idea until she considered that her friends would see pictures of her in her diapers! I suggested we take photos of her with her toys since she had so many. It was a go! We spent a Saturday afternoon taking photos of her with 100 toys - 10 teddy bears, 10 stuffed kitties, 10 stuffed puppies, 10 miscellaneous stuffed animals, 10 barbies, 10 McDonald toys, 10 horses, 10 balls, 10 babies, and 10 musical instruments. She was pretty tired by the end of the afternoon, but we got some great shots. I printed and cut them and she arranged them on a board. The result...

I put together a photo collage of my favorite picture from each category...

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