Sunday, January 8, 2012

find yourself artistically

Came across this via tumblr - dream everyday - originally posted on ground-glass. Good words.

Find yourself in 13 steps
1. Be true to the art. The art powers it. It’s not a flash to the side, a quilt on a couple, or a texture on an image. Those are just techniques. Techniques have no soul. You do. Art does.
2. Don’t rush it. Faster isn’t always better. You start on a path, and it’s hard to get off, so if you push too hard, you get lost before you know it. Build the word by letting people in on what you do. Be true to it. Make them need you.
3. Do something for people who follow you. Find ways to reach out and make yourself and not just your art part of their lives. You are only successful because of the people who believe in you.
4. Learn. See how you can make photography your own. See what ways other photographers have used the craft to connect with people. We’re talking about the history books – great photographers have meant so much to so many, they’re part of the history books. There’s way more than just impressing people. Get under their skin and in their head, and you’ll always have a following.
5. Take a stand. If you have no position, you’re not digging in enough. Everyone has a viewpoint. Every has something to say. Find your voice.
6. Forget about pretty. You want beautiful. And beautiful can be ugly.
7. Learn technique, copy inspiration. If you do it the other way around, you’re back on the wave.
8. Get people to hate you. Nothing can be that great if no one hates it.
9. Make things that shouldn’t work, work. Every great idea was something most people thought wouldn’t work at one point. Salt on caramel? Who does that? Until someone does. Flare? That’s a lens defect, right? You learn about yourself when you walk to the edge, and jump off to see what happens. Otherwise, you discover nothing new.
10. Believe in people, believe in yourself. Belief powers everything in the world. It gives you the stamina to make it through. It lets people see the best you there is. It lets you become what you’re not quite yet. Trust that if you put it out there, people will get it. Some will. Many won’t. Don’t worry about the many. They’ll come around if you stay focused on the some who do.
11. Forget about money. We’ve all got bills to pay. Pay them. But you’re more important than the money. You, your time, your self is everything. Protect it by any means necessary.
12. Rest. There’s enough pressure as it is. Give yourself the time to digest.
13. Don’t be a chicken shit. OK, this one is just a reminder for myself. But it works, right?

A current favorite photo of mine. Love the wind curl in the mane. And, of course, the eyes. It's always the eyes with me...

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