Tuesday, December 28, 2010

white xmas

White Fluffy Love had quite a holiday season. Had her eye scratched up and bloodied a few days before Christmas. After living as a stray for the past year or so, suddenly she has found herself living in a house. She really misses the outside. Her favorite place to sit is on the windowsill looking out. Makes me sad.

After she was hurt, she stayed in J's bathroom. Because she needed to receive medicine in her eye every few hours, she traveled the three hours to my Mom's house for the Christmas weekend. Can't say traveling is her favorite thing, but she was a trooper. She traveled uncaged, wandering around the car, looking out the windows and meowing. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip!

J and WFLove

She lived in yet a different house - my Mom's - for two days. She loved all the attention and being an only cat. Then another road trip back. Didn't like traveling as well that time. Crawled into the open carrier and stayed there most of the trip - coming out occassionally to look out the windows and meow.

Now she's back in this house. She's not locked in the bathroom anymore. She can go anywhere she wants to. But it's different now. There are other cats living here. No one is crossing each other's path. Occassionally one will hiss at the other. Mostly White Fluffy Love stays in J's bedroom and bathroom and the other cats stay in the living areas and my bedroom. Interesting situation. Curious to see how it will all work out. I'm happy they are not fighting, at least!

Her eye is still not well. Healing very slowly. I'll be taking her back to the vet. We had all hoped the eye would be much clearer by now.

My most precious niece, Cindy Loo, and White Fluffy, too

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