Wednesday, December 22, 2010

white fluffy love

About a year or so ago, a little white fluffy cat showed up on my porch to eat. She had a collar on, but was dirty and unkempt. I managed to get a hold on her, but she was so wiggly I couldn't read the collar and then she ran away. I tried for days to read that collar knowing she was lost and someone's heart had to be broken over losing her. Then suddenly, she disappeared and I didn't see her again for about six months. When she reappeared, she had no collar and she was very leary and obviously on her own. I fed her and talked to her and won her over. I called her White Fluffy Love for obvious reasons. In the evenings I would call "White Fluffy Love" and she would come running from the alley down the street to me. The neighbors probably thought I was crazy. I suppose that's nothing new! I promised her after we got the kitten question taken care of, she could move into the house and live with us. J asked every day when she could move in. Last night, when I went out to check on the strays, there she was with her beautiful green eye brown and bloody. I picked her up and carried her inside, keeping her in J's bathroom till I could get her to the vet. She has a scratched cornea and blood in the anterior eye chamber that concerns the vet. Along with oral antibiotics to stem the infection, I am applying a topical gel to her eye every two hours for the next two days until her next vet visit. If she responds well, I'll only have to apply the gel every three or four hours! She is a sweetheart to deal with - no scratching or hissing or fear.

White Fluffy Love is now officially our kitty. J is thrilled. She calls her her Christmas Kitty. She will be traveling the three hours to visit and stay with my mother over Christmas. I hope she travels well!

Welcome to our home, White Fluffy Love. We love you.

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