Wednesday, March 30, 2011

wonderful wednesday

I love Wednesdays. Lucky me, it is my day to play parent helper in J's kindergarten class. The kids are bright, spunky, and all-around adorable. Their teacher, Mrs. H, is not only a fantastic teacher but also a really, really wonderful woman and has become a dear friend. Plus, I get to spend the morning with my precious girl. Wednesdays are by far my most favorite day of the week.

Each week, the kids are focused on learning one letter of the alphabet - along with math, geometry, spelling, numbers, social skills, reading, etc etc etc. "W" is the letter of the week. Today was extra special. It was "W"ednesday. The kids made and ate "w"affles and strawberries for their snack. And one of their "w"ork stations today was playing with the "w"ater table. That's what I got to supervise this morning. Lucky, lucky me.



During make-up time, the kids who had already finished their work got to choose what they wanted to do with their free time. They chose to create a feast!

the feast

all photos via my iPhone

Lucky, lucky me.

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