Wednesday, March 2, 2011

why did the giraffe cross the lake?

The Universe is amazing.

I was having one of those days - rainy weather, sick, missing J, bruised heart, empty wallet - the usual. Certainly not worse off than anyone else, just not feeling it - happy, I guess would be the word. I was wandering around the internet, avoiding chores and work, cruising tumblr sites which I can always count on to distract me. Ummm, sometimes for hours. And, there, posted in front of my face a reminder that not only is this world and the people in it incredible, but there are things happening that are not only wondrous but also rife with hope and kindness.

Endangered Rothschild giraffes are trans-located to Ruko Game Conservancy by barge, making this the first ever attempt to carry giraffes across water in Kenya. The project, supported and executed by The Northern Rangelands Trust and Samatian Island Lodge - a luxury camp situated on a private island in Lake Baringo - took four years to plan as, according to NRT director Ian Craig, giraffes are some of the most difficult animals to move.

Read about The Safari and Conservation Co and the whole amazing story here.

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