Thursday, March 17, 2011

purrrrrrr purrrrrrr

On the last day of January, I came across a tipi for kitties (this post). Of course, I bought it...

It arrived in a few days. J and I put it together. And, precious little girl that she is, J had to give it a try herself. She tried to climb in, got only her head in, and decided to try it out as a hat.

Giovanni and Rosie each gave it a sniff, but neither were overly impressed. Although, given a little time and without the presence of the other cats, I think Rosie would have ended up loving it.

White Fluffy Love took to it immediately. She runs in and out of it, runs around inside it, pokes her paws through the opening in the top, and naps in it.

Joy was next to check it out. She decided it was pretty cool.

Unfortunately, when White Fluffy Love realized Joy had taken over her space, she - ummmm- evicted Joy.

The tipi is pretty much White Fluffy Love's domain. Joy, however, often takes a nap in it when WFL isn't paying attention. No one pushes Joy around!

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