Thursday, June 30, 2011

the sweetest thing

My J is a complete water child. I realized it back when she was a baby and when nothing else would calm her, I would run the water faucet and she would melt in my arms. In water, on water, near water, playing with water - J is happy. Water still tops the list of things she loves. Music and dance are up there too.

Just about every afternoon during the summer, J and I go swimming at the community pool. She also takes daily swim lessons there. On Thursdays, we can only stay an hour or so, until it's time to get ready for her ballet class. It is the only time she will willingly leave before the pool closes.

Today while we were playing and bobbing around in the water. J said the following:
I LOVE swimming every day. I LOVE swimming lessons. I LOVE dance class.
And I LOVE you.

Aaaaaaaah. I am a very lucky woman.

J (and friend) at the pool, via iPhone

butterfly dance, via Nikon

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