Wednesday, June 29, 2011

how i see it

Miss J and I have had a rough ride the last couple of days - bad tummy, little sleep, tantrums, fights with her dad (that's just J's part!) She's with her dad as per the "schedule" tonight and tomorrow. I miss her. I always miss her. This time a little more than usual. Even though there has been "stuff" going on, when it is just her and I, life is really really good.

We're not "allowed" to hang anything on the walls. J doesn't like that. To circumvent the rules, she has begun taping her drawings and other paper treasures to the walls and doors. I don't stop her. Everywhere you look in the living room, the walls are covered! The picture below is of one very tiny section of wall right above my computer. It's what I look at while I'm working at the computer. I love it!

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