Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My life had such potential, she told me,
before I found out how much work was involved. 
Brian Andreas, Story People

Have you ever heard of Brian Andreas or Story People? I "discovered" his art many, many years ago in a small, quirky gallery that no longer exists in the still artisticly thriving town of Cambria along the central coast of California. At the time he created sculptures of wood with stories printed on them (Story People)and matted prints of his artwork with accompanying stories - his product line has expanded considerably since. I bought two matted prints that day - both cat related. I still treasure both.

Pig Cat                                                        Old Cat

A self-described "artist and storyteller," some of the stories are his, many are collected. He has amassed his collections of stories and drawings into a series of books - simple books, very tactile, no color, very affordable. I have all of them. If you get them, you will hold infinity in your hands - that's how I would describe it!

Through the story people website - a very fun place to visit, you can view and purchase all Brian's artwork and collections and most wonderfully of all - to me, at least - you can sign up to receive a Story of the Day through your email - a story, just a few lines, and incredible line drawings to accompany the words. With so much junk coming through my email on a daily basis, the stories are welcome jewels that shine like the sun. Check it out.

Story People website

Thought I'd share...Just hit on the story genie...discover your fate! let the magic Story Genie pick one just for you. This is the story the "genie" picked for me...

Second Thoughts

Fun...and a little close to home...

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