Thursday, June 2, 2011

candy that's good for you

If you have been anywhere in blogland this year, you have probably seen the Before I Die project. Designed and installed by Candy Chang on the side of an abandoned building in New Orleans, the project is essentially a giant chalkboard where people can anonymously share what is most important to them. The project has been hugely successful and there is talk of a book being made about it. Interesting - at least to me - is that when the wall is filled, it is washed down, providing a clean slate - so to speak.

read more about the Before I Die project here

I was reminded again of this art project while reading the blog - not your average ordinary - where Brandi, the author, was writing about another of Ms. Chang's projects - Sidewalk Psychiatry. I had never seen, or rather noted, before the artist's name. Inspired by the photos of the sidewalk art project I checked out Candy Chang's website...Her projects - and philosophy - are extraordinary and so worth reading about.

While browsing through the projects, I came across a cartoon she had made about "a carton of milk, a muffin, and the fear of mediocrity" !!!!! So, so great. Deceptively simple. Very, very wise. Too long to post, do yourself a favor and see the whole cartoon here.

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