Wednesday, April 10, 2013

wed day

I have another blog - a tumblr. I had another tumblr about two years ago called Bats in my Belfry. Bats was devoted to photos of animals. Not cutesy photos. Photos that just happened to have an animal in it. I posted to that tumblr for about three months. It was incredibly labor intensive because I refused to post a photo without sourcing it. So I spent hours finding out who the photographers were. I finally gave it up because of how much time it took. Sooooo, in my infinite wisdom and lack of memory, I started another tumblr. My first post was on February 14th. Did I mention it's a wedding tumblr? You see, I'm obsessed with weddings. Not my own. Just weddings in general. Especially the photographs. Wedding photography has become so artistic and the professional photographers who practice this craft are amazing. I read all the wedding blogs every day anyway. I thought I would post the photos that knock me out in some way. All subject matter is covered, as long as it's wedding related. It takes me about three hours a day to go through the blogs and post to my tumblr with all photos sourced. I'm not complaining. I love it. Although my back is beginning to scream at spending so many hours at the computer!

If you're a wedding junkie like myself or are just curious, please check out my tumblr. It's title is Beyond the Veil and it's tumblr name is Veils and Tales. You can see it here.

I tried to choose one photo as my favorite. Impossible. So I made a collage of some of my favorites. Sources and more on my tumblr.

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