Monday, August 27, 2012

karma sucks

There are some people I know only online. We've never met. We just "talk" through email. I've met them through this blog, through etsy, and through other people. Sometimes we do business together. Sometimes we just chat. Those are my favorite. Sometimes it's a lonely life when you spend hours in front of the computer. (I'm not complaining. I love my life!) But I do get lonely, especially when J's with her Dad. Most are enjoyable and ongoing. Some end abruptly - like in the middle of a conversation. I don't get that. How do you not even say goodbye. 

Recently I have had an ongoing conversation with another photographer. We hit it off immediately. We "talked" everyday, sometimes back and forth for hours. After about two weeks of this, we found out we live near each other. We met for a drink and had a great time - just like online. I thought I had found a new friend...Since we met, he hasn't contacted me. I wrote and got a "been busy" answer. I know a brush off when I experience one. It's cool if he doesn't want to be friends, although I'm not sure why, but wouldn't it be respectful and nice to actually end things. Not just disappear.

So here's where karma comes in. It's obviously a peeve of mine when people just stop writing - or calling, or communicating in any way - without some kind of closure. One of these online relationships is with someone I don't really care for. I've been politely communicating, but I no longer want this person in my life. I'd like to just stop writing!!! Of course, I can't do that. I hate it when people do it to me. So, how do I say goodbye respectfully and nicely? 

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