Friday, May 11, 2012

foto friday

I love my photographs. Not in an egotistical way. Every photo has touched my soul in some way. When I began sharing my photos with others, my main idea was to do just that - share them. Whenever I list a photo on Etsy, or do a show, or post them on the blog, or show them in any way, my silent prayer is that the people who need to see the photo, do. Going back to the root goal of my photography, I've decided to make Fridays a sharing day. I will provide a different photo each Friday that you can download and print for your personal use. The photo is in pdf form. You will need Adobe Reader to open the file. You can download Reader for free here. I'm new to this downloading stuff and am using dropbox to facilitate the transfer. If you have any problems downloading the photo, please let me know.

Rose Nose 5x7

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