Tuesday, June 25, 2013

meet savannah

I've been busy lately. A little cat showed up across the street at the empty house next door to J's Dad. He didn't want anything to do with it and called me. It had a collar with a tag but was skittish around people. The cat had worked one paw through the collar and it was rubbing under her leg and across her neck. We guessed she was a she. She looked like a she. After a few days, I was able to get close enough to cut the collar off. Her name is Savannah.

I called the number listed on the name tag - a few times. Her former owner finally got back to me about a week later. He had had her for seven years but ran into hard times and gave her up to some friends to care for. He got in touch with them. They didn't care the cat was gone. The poor guy was in tears. He kept changing his mind about taking her back. Back and forth for days. Finally he decided he couldn't take her. That left me or the animal shelter. So, really, that left me. I really don't want another cat, but J is already attached and I can't abandon the cat too. 

J and I brought her over to our house tonight. We're going to try to make her an indoor kitty. Right now, she's in the bathroom. We're letting the kitties get used to each other's smells and sounds. Tomorrow I'll let her into the attached bedroom. And the next day, they'll all be together. Wish us luck. Right now, little Savannah is not very happy. Poor kitty.

taken with my iPhone

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