Saturday, June 29, 2013

i still love a piano

Way back when - about two years ago - I wrote a post (here) about being given an upright piano by J's Dad's church. For two years, I've been trying to find a way to get that piano from there to here - all of three blocks. I asked for help. I advertised for help. I checked the prices of moving companies. I never could find help and since there are no moving companies in our little town, the price to bring a truck from Chico and move a piano is astronomical. I even considered rolling the piano here! I kept the space clear and ready for the piano, but could never get it here.

Cut to now time. The pastor of the church that gave me the piano was recently transferred. The board wants to provide the new pastor with a new office - the room where my piano was stored. Suddenly help could be found and a man from the church moved the piano here this afternoon. I have a piano!

Oddly, it doesn't quite look the way I remembered it. It's a cherry wood, not the soft brown I recalled. But it'a a sweet piano. A Kindler & Collins, made in New York sometime between 1914 and 1924, it wasn't an expensive piano in its day and it has been well used. It smells a little musty under the "hood," one key sticks and another is way out of key, and a few of the ivories are missing. But I love it. J wants to take piano lessons and I'm thinking it wouldn't hurt for me to take lessons again myself.

Below is a picture of the keyboard of my new baby. If I could get a photo of the piano with a cat on it, it would be a perfect Cat Saturday photo for today, but so far the cats won't go near it!

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