Monday, April 18, 2011

i spy, then i cry

A month or so ago, I heard about a show titled Polar Bears: Spy on the Ice. Cameras are cleverly hidden enabling the documentary team to follow mother bears and cubs and producing incredible close-up images of these magnificent animals. It's been running on Animal Planet. Every time I try to catch it, something comes up. Last night, I was looking for something to keep me company between The Killing on AMC and Breakout Kings on A&E (don't hate me; I have a thing for crime shows. I blame it on my Mom - her favorite "literature" is murder mysteries.) I happened upon the Polar Bear show...

Beautiful imagery...I lasted about 10 minutes into it. After egging on the cub trying to make it through the snow. Then, I lost it when one of the mothers and her cub didn't make it to the iceberg in time and were left stranded on the barren island with no food...

I LOVE animals. I CANNOT watch nature shows or movies. I just can't. 

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