Thursday, April 21, 2011

horse crazy

My sister is nine years older than I am. She was my idol. In many ways, she had more influence over me than our mother did. We shared a bedroom and a bed. Everything she loved, I loved - art and horses, especially. Unfortunately, in our family there was room for only one of each kind of child. My brother was the mechanical genius and recluse. My sister was horse-crazy and a natural born artist - the popular one. I was the "baby" - specifically the "cry baby." But that is all another story...

I was a lonely and constantly alone child. I relied on books and my imagination for company and pleasure. One of my favorite pasttimes was playing with my sister's Breyer horses. My favorite was the rearing appaloosa. I had one horse - a little white pony. I still have her. Sadly, White Fluffy Love knocked her off the windowsill and broke her leg. Luckily, she's not real and her leg can be mended with glue. She will be with me for the rest of my life.

While browsing a new-to-me blog - Live and Enliven - I came across a link to a beautiful etsy shop that sells vintage goods. Look what I found...

Alas, my wallet will not allow me to indulge my nostalgic heart.

Below is a photo of my precious childhood friend. Notice any similarity with the prone pony above???

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