Tuesday, May 14, 2013

mommy claws

My mommy claws are out. Miss J was going to be in the school talent show with another little girl in her class. They've been talking about it for weeks. The parents had the form for a week. Yesterday was the deadline to turn in the form. No form turned in by the other parents. Now Miss J can’t be in the show.

What’s really got me is Miss J was going to have her first sleepover. She was soooo excited. It was set for this coming Friday. She’s been cancelled. The other little girl got invited to a birthday party for a girl in their class (which J wasn't invited to - another thing to get my claws out over) and cancelled J’s sleepover so she can go to the party. Not even a phone call from the Mom to me explaining the situation. This has all been relayed through the little girls.

I know part of growing up is learning how to face disappointment. And Miss J is soooo disappointed over the situations. It is so hard to stand by and watch the child you love more than the world feel hurt and rejected and sad. How do you help and protect your child while not getting in the way of their growth...

snapshot of Miss J
taken a couple of days ago

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