Thursday, June 14, 2012

on and on

It's taking longer than I expected to get back to life outside the hospital and pneumonia-free. My lung capacity isn't what I'm used to and I get tired very quickly. My precious little J has been very patient with me but is getting tired of not having Mommy as usual. I'm sorry posting has been so sporadic, it takes all my energy to keep up with the little girl. It's summer around here - near 100 degree temps, so we've been swimming and swimming and swimming. At the public pool. Swimming in the afternoons, then swim lessons, then on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, swimming in the evening. A lot of swimming. Fun, but tiring. I so wish we had our own pool. I feel so jealous in the evenings when I hear the neighbors in their pool. Not a very gracious attitude when we're so lucky just to have a house to live in!

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