Monday, June 18, 2012

i just wanted a shower

Really. I wanted to take a shower. I needed it bad. My hair was coated with chlorine and my feet were black. (I have the habit of walking barefoot just about everywhere - including outside. Hence the black feet.) So, this morning after checking email and catching up on my favorite blogs, I headed for the shower. I always close and lock the front door when I'm showering in the back bathroom, but this morning two of my cats were sleeping in front of the screen door. I didn't have the heart to move them, so I sat down to watch a little bit of Property Virgins while the cats napped. As soon as I sat down, Rosie climbed into my lap and curled up for a snooze. Soon after, the cats at the door moved on, but Rosie was asleep in my lap. An hour later, she stretched and jumped down. I finally got my shower. Only an animal person would understand this!

by Yasmine Surovec

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