Tuesday, April 17, 2012

i met a horse

Today, on my way to Table Mountain for a photo shoot, I met a horse.

The road to Table Mountain winds through lush, green hills covered with rich and poor properties, many with livestock. One property has a huge field, home to at least 50 horses and ponies - and one llama. I suspect the horses are all rescues since there doesn't seem to be any working facilities like arenas or paddocks, but I don't know for sure. Every time I drive to Table Mountain, I pass this ranch, slowing down to admire. Today I stopped and parked along the road. As I approached the fence, most of the nearby ponies came to greet me - accepting pats and head rubs. There was one horse - a bay with a white blaze - who was always near but wouldn't approach. There was fear in his eyes and he held his body ready for flight, but he never retreated. I spoke softly to him and offered him my hand to smell. Gradually, he came closer, but never near enough to touch. He followed me as I walked up and down the fence line, petting ponies and taking photos. Eventually, he was standing with his head within inches of me. I let him see my hand and gently pet his head. He jerked back. This happened quite a few times. By the time I really really had to leave, I could rub his head without him jerking away. I wish I could have stayed longer. I called him my love. I know I'll be going back in the next few days to see him again.

Here are a few head shots of my love - it's always the eyes of the animals with me...the last one is my favorite...

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