Thursday, April 19, 2012

the greatest gift

J was in a school play tonight. The first graders put on Stone Soup - a story about hungry travelers meeting up with townspeople who didn't want to share their food. In the end, they came together and made soup. All the kids were magnificent. J was a traveler. I - and her teachers and other relatives - was in awe of the musical talent and stage presence this usually shy little girl exhibited. I'm a proud mama tonight...

The greatest gift is to share,
To tell a neighbor you'll be there,
To show a friend you really care,
The greatest gift is to share.

For alone we have nothing,
We could lose our way.
So, reach out to others,
Sisters and brothers,
You'll find a better way.

That's what this world is about,
To meet a neighbor, help them out.
To trust a friend when you're in doubt,
That's what this world is about.

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