Saturday, March 10, 2012


I am not crafty. Miss J isn't either. She would rather be doing other things - like dancing, running through the sprinklers, changing her clothes - over and over, or begging for chocolate. "Momma, what can I have that's chocolate?" We had to do a craft project for school. Apparently, leprechauns are a big problem at school, causing havoc on St. Patrick's Day. So, each child in J's class has to design and build a leprechaun trap. We can't call it that, though, because leprechauns are all around and might overhear. We're calling it a kitty trap. I have jury duty next week so we had to get our project done today. After a trip to the back shed to find a box the right size - not too big, but deep enough to trap the little guy, a trip to Cost Plus for bait - gold covered chocolate coins, and a trip to Michael's for green wrapping paper and something we could use for a ladder, J and I began our work. It was fun. J is proud of her work. Our trap turned out beautiful - aesthetically, at least. I'm not sure it would actually trap a leprechaun. Here's the result...

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