Wednesday, July 3, 2013

building bridges

I had a session with my energy healer today. I've been feeling frustrated and discouraged, in a few ways, but mostly in my photography business. I went to see her to help me clear whatever is within me that is blocking my growth and enjoyment and success. I won't bore you with details. It was a wonderful session. She is incredible. (Her name is Joyce. You can find her here.)

There is one thing I want to share with you...At one point she looked at me and said I'm energetically not allowing partnership and collaboration. She said I'm on an island and there is no way for anyone else to cross over. I stared at her, blinked a few times, and quietly said, "That's the name of my blog...the island of rose." She smiled and said that I can't be an island anymore.

So I'm building a bridge - an energy bridge, a rainbow bridge. Everyone is invited to my island. Stay a while; stay a long time. All are welcome...

I don't have any photos of bridges - which is kind of ironic in itself. Instead, here's a photo of a driftwood tipi on one of my favorite beaches.

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