Friday, July 13, 2012

where, oh, where...again

Where have I been? Again? Same old story...sick. First a hospital stay with pneumonia which took forever to recover from. Then just as I was beginning to feel better, I caught a cold from J which settled in my throat and moved into my ears. Two ear infections resulted. I've nearly finished my run of meds, but still can't hear. I must say, as difficult as it is to communicate with others, I am enjoying this quiet world. For now...I do want my hearing back.

While I go to the doctor when I have to, I feel there is a deeper cause for all physical ailments. Trying to figure out the causes of my many sicknesses, I've turned to my favorite book for such matters - Louise Hay's Heal Your Body. A truly wonderful little book I highly recommend. I won't bore you with the specifics of each of my health challenges, but it is very interesting to note the recurring commonalities of not feeling safe, of not feeling like I am heard, of suppressing my creativity, and of not taking care of myself. Based on my findings, and with the aid of Louise's book, I've created six simple daily affirmations to help heal my body and my soul.

I am safe.
I joyously release the past.
I love and approve of myself.
I hear and speak with love.
I express my creativity.
I create my life.

I'll let you know if the affirmations make a difference.

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